Why is Gouti named Gouti ?

Why is Gouti named Gouti ?

Where did this name of our project management software come from ? Explanation in this article.

Rather than talking about project management, project dashboard, project charter, let's talk about one essential thing :-): why Gouti is called Gouti.

Gouti is not the result of G.O.U.T.I

Great Outstanding Usefull Tool & Impresive. Although this name is quite suitable for Gouti (... it lacks a little humility all that ...), this is not the explanation of the origin of this project management solution.

Gouti is not a Gouti

Gouti is not native to Zagros, which is an area from Persepolis to Lake Urmia. For there existed a people named Goutis, who seemed to have a reputation of destructive barbarians ! Gouti is peaceful, and only wants the good of the project leaders. This is not the origin of our project management tool.

Gouti does not practice Full-Contact or Mixed Martial Arts

Those who searched for 'Gouti' on Google had a UFC and Thibault Gouti related result. Well no, Thibault Gouti did not start his conversion by creating a project management site. He is no doubt quite capable of doing so, but there is no (for the moment) of Mr. or Mrs. Gouti in the Gouti team. You notice all our kindness with Thibault Gouti. Indeed we have watched some videos of this gentleman and a general opinion, we have adapted a respectful editorial content against him.

And Gouti is also not ...

- We do not make aluminum, because Gouti would have one more 't'. Goutti probably manages projects with a project manager, and with Gouti. But it's not Gouti. If you are a little lost with this last sentence, it's normal.

- Gouti is not a former professional Spanish footballer. Soccer fans will have recognized José María Gutiérrez Hernández, better known as Guti.

Why not Project Management Tool ?

We thought about Pragmatic Project Management, Project Management ++, CGPM, P.P.M, Project and Fun (no it's not true ...). But nothing really pleased us as a name for a project management solution.

And so Gouti ?

Rather than finding an abbreviation-based project, tool, management, leader, management, why not find a clean, easy-to-remember name. It was the idea.

Gouti is a nickname simply. The creator of Gouti had a co-worker who called him amicably as well. And we found that sounded good. It's finally very simple, as Gouti wants to be in his project method.

This is a key point of project management solved, you can resume normal activity ;-)