Working in project mode

Working in project mode

A mode of work that's growing in the organization of companies : the project mode. But what is it exactly ?

Working methods have evolved well until today. In the air of digitalization, companies are seduced by more collaborative, less closed and less hierarchical work methods (like startups). This is the case of project mode work

What is this way of working ? What are the advantages ? How to set up project management and which tools to use ? Let's study all of this together !

Tell me Gouti, what's the work in project mode ? 

First what's a project ? Projects are very often referred to a goal that one would like to achieve. "This year I am going to learn a new language", "I would like to climb Everest" or "I want to renovate an old house"... so many examples of projects that we would like to achieve in our personal life. To realize them, several variables must be taken into account, especially the time to devote to it and the budget to allocate. 

In professional terms, projects take similar forms. They emerged often from a problem encountered to which a solution must be brought. To set them up, they are defined according to a deadline, a budget to follow and also a certain scope of requirements to be taken into account. 

To manage a project, you have to follow a specific process that consists first of all in framing them, for example by using a Project Charter. Then comes the moment of its planning, then its execution while realizing its follow-up and its control, all that until reaching its closing. Obviously, the process is much complex and detailed than that, but you have identified how it work. 

It's behind all this project management methodology that work in project mode is articulated. It essentially consists in putting the various actors involved in the realization of the said project in relation with the different steps and processes that it requires. All the actors collaborate together in a transversal way, each bringing their expertise on a specific subject. The purpose and combine the skills of each to achieve a common goal, this goal which is the object of the project. 

But what are the advantages of this organizational model ? 

Working in project mode, that's so great !

Why do companies willingly turn to "project mode" ? Simply because they know the benefits of it !

Whether in terms of efficiency, performance, productivity, innovation or even team motivation, there are some good cards to play. 

Let's make a quick tour. Tasks are better distributed among the different actors, both in terms of tasks and skills. Workloads are better controlled and monitored. The collaboration is close and reinforced between the actors. A cohesion is installed in the teams who advance on the project in perfect synergy. Each acquires new skills and continuous learning from one project to another. 

As you can see, working in project mode have is real incentive for organizations and especially for employees.

But it must be admitted, it's not always easy to introduce it within companies, or even sometimes impossible for very rigid structures. 

Nevertheless, there are ways to allow a good implementation of this model. 

Project manager, collaborative tool and everything nice ! 

Who says project often says project manager. He's one of the masterpieces of project mode work. His purpose isn't so much to carry out the project on its own as to ensure its proper execution. As we explained in a previous articleWhat qualities should a project manager have, he's the conductor of the project. In this organizational model it's therefore essential to select a project manager who will support his teams and lead the project from beginning to end. Another popular element for project mode work is the use of a project management tool (such as Gouti). These tools are growing more and more for a few years now. They help to support the project management process and centralize all project information. 

Designed to be collaborative, these tools make it easy to distribute tasks among the different project actors; They also facilitate the planning as well as the control and monitoring of the project during its execution. Using this kind of solution represent a significant saving of time and increase efficiency. These solutions facilitate the work and improve collaboration between project stakeholders. This is even more true in the context of remote collaborations. 

So if you are working in project mode or you plan to do it in the future you can count on Gouti to help you manage all your projects