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Reviews: Matawan


A player in intelligent shared mobility services, Matawan (formerly Ubitransport) helps local authorities and operators manage their public transport networks using a SaaS platform.

Lucie GERVAIS, Director of the Bid and Projects Department at Matawan, shared her experience and that of her colleagues at Matawan in using Gouti.

Gouti in 3 words

Easy, responsive and simply the basis of project management Lucie Gervais

Extracts from the review

What are the benefits ?

"Sharing information with the customer is a real plus, to guarantee transparency on the project's progress."

Why Gouti over other solutions ?

"Economically speaking, Gouti is also more advantageous than its competitors and I find its content more complete."

How is customer service? ?

"CG Project Management's responsiveness is really very good. !"
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Reviews: Solimut Mutuelle

Alternative green energy supplier

Solimut Mutuelle de France is a mutual insurance company that contributes to the social protection of the population. It has been a major player in the mutualist movement for over 40 years. More than thirty employees currently use Gouti at Solimut Mutuelle.

Frédéric MARIANI, Responsible for Information Systems Coordination at Solimut Mutuelle, offered us his testimonial on their experience as Gouti users.

Gouti in 3 words

Collaborative, intuitive and comprehensive Frédéric Mariani

Extracts from the review

We chose Gouti because it was easy to use, easy to learn and perfectly suited our needs.

"The data structure is simple compared to large ERP systems, which can be quite cumbersome.."

How is customer service? ?

"For now, I'd say it's perfect.!"

What are Gouti's strengths? ?

"All aspects of collaboration, task management, milestones, reports and the project charter"
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Reviews: Territoire de Belfort

Information systems division study hub of innovation and pilotage

The Department of the Territory of Belfort operates in the territorial missions of which it has competences in the various fields of solidarity, colleges, roads, culture, etc ... The objective is multiple: to allow the inhabitants of the department to live better on a daily basis and maintain the dynamism and attractiveness of the Territoire de Belfort (Culture: the Eurockeennes, Tourism: the Ballon d'Alsace, Technological: high-speed coverage, etc.).

Béatrice Periard, Head of the Information Systems Division of the Innovation and Pilotagement Systems of the Belfort's territory has offered us his feedback about her user experience and those of the 4 project managers under her supervision.

Gouti in 3 words

Easy to use, pragmatic and complete. Béatrice Periard

Extracts from the review

What benefits of use?

"Finally, we have a real-time visualization of the projects of our study center and their progress."

What are the features that make the difference?

"Gouti facilitates the reporting of activities of our study center thanks to the functionalities for monitoring employees and projects."

How was the integration?

"The integration of Gouti into our organization was easy and fun for the entire team."
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Reviews: Cogep

Accounting firm

The COGEP group brings together 14 business expertises under the same umbrella and spread over the French territory. As the 8th largest law firm in France, Cogep assists companies on a daily basis in the development and deployment of their activities and in the defense of their interests.

Ludovic LAJOIE, Director of Information Systems and Organization of the Cogep group, testifies on his user experience as well as that his employees who are now users of our project management solution Gouti.

Gouti in 3 words

Simplicity, efficiency and pedagogy. Ludovic Lajoie

Extracts from the review

What benefits of use ?

"The tool's methodology brings true global consistency to our project management and standardizes processes for project managers."

Why Gouti instead of another ?

"I immediately agreed with the approach and the simplicity of the tool, which remains very powerful."

What is the feedback from your team ?

"They find the tool easy to use. The teams appreciate the fact that everything is standardized."
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