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 Method and Tool for Project Manager

"A project manager using a tool adapted to his needs significantly increases the probability of success of his project."

Gouti Gouti Solution

A Project Management Tool for the Project Manager

Ready to Use

First goal of Gouti is to provide to the project manager a ready to use solution for managing projects with the contributors and team members. Gouti is not a simple follow-up tool but a complete solution using a proven project management method. This method is the result of several years of project management experience by experienced and certified project managers.


One of the main difficulties that the project manager faces is the organization of his project monitoring. How to do it, with what tool, what to communicate, which dashboard, what to follow. Gouti provides the answers to these questions with a clear and pragmatic solution for managing a project. This tool capitalizes best practices and will help the junior project manager as the experienced project manager.


Gouti is adapted to your context and your needs. The solution is pragmatic, we can make the changes that will be closer to your needs. For that, contact us and we will study together the necessary adaptations and changes.


Gouti is based on precise principles of Project Management.

Gouti refers to the following principles

  • A project aims to achieve a product within a defined time, cost, scope and quality level.
  • The project is summarized in the project charter in which the objectives and expected benefits are defined.
  • The project consists of a list of deliverables from the project product to be produced.
  • Deliverables are made through activities or tasks.
  • These tasks can require specific actions and generate problems.
  • Risk management is a key element in the anticipation necessary for the smooth running of a project.
  • Reporting and communication around the project are key elements of the project's success.

The project manager works primarily on :

  • The Tasks list
  • The Action plan
  • The Issue list
  • The Change Management
  • The Financial Management

Gouti also offers additional tools to the project manager

  • Key Indicators (KPI)
  • A Project Dashboard
  • A Flash Report
  • A GANTT view of the schedule
  • A macro-planning
  • Several standard reports>

Gouti Steps

Gouti proposes simple steps to manage your projects.

  • Initialization of the project


    The Project Charter

    A project charter ready to use allows you to define the basics of your project.

  • Project Product

    The Product

    Define your Deliverables

    List clearly and simply what your project will produce. Follow the deliverables until delivery.

  • Project tasks


    List your Tasks

    With a WBS template, list your activities and milestones. Visualize them simply in a GANTT or a macro-planning.

  • Progress Report


    Reports and Views

    Control your project and produce reports pre-filled by Gouti based on project status, or from ready-to-use frame. Export in Excel or Pdf format.

  • projet team


    Assign Tasks

    Define your team and assign tasks to team members who will be able to see them and communicate progress information in Gouti.

  • Project
    Control !

Gouti Views

Some pages of the project management tool

View, Indicators and KPI project

The Project

Description and indicators

Dashboard of a project

The Dashboard

Your projects, your tasks

Le suivi des tâches d'un projet

The Tasks

Tasks in WBS mode

GANTT project


View of the schedule in GANTT mode

Risks plan of the projet

The Risks

Risks plan

Progress report


Pre-filled Flash report

Simplified View of the Schedule


Simplified View of the Schedule

Tasks to complete

View by collaborator

Tasks to complete

Summary and key points of the project

Project Charter

Summary and key points of the project

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