Project Management Tool Gouti Overview of Gouti

Functionalities of the project management software

Project management

Project management

Gouti software's project management functions simplify your project management.
Plan, launch, track your projects and more
Prepare projects by defining the objectives, deliverables, milestones ans organization of your projects
Frame the work and present the project to your teams,clients, users thanks to the project charter
Manage tasks, actions, issues throughout your projects
Use the task Kanban to facilitate your follow-up or work in agile mode
Simplify your work with saved projects templates
Distribute the workload to your teams and track the consumed project load and the the remainder to be done.
Save time and visibility thanks to visual indicators in the software
Use the tool by following an agile method or a more traditional approach according to your desires
Project management

Collaboration in projects

The collaborative functions essential to a project management software
Collaboration in projects
Assign tasks, problems or actions to your teams easily
View and report on the progress of your tasks, issues and actions with interactive KANBANs
Communicate your activity forecast and time spent on each activities through a pre-populated timesheet
Communicate in the tool to facilitate your exchanges
Notify your project manager of the progress of your tasks with one click
Share project experiences with the knowledge sharing base managed by the quality teams
Integrate team members with or without a Gouti account into your projects
Manage the rights of your collaborators on your projects according to your desires
Collaboration in projects
Portfolio monitoring and management

Portfolio monitoring and management

Portfolio management functions for managers, project managers and PMO
View projects as a GANTT or in macro-plannings for management committees
Choose the calendar adapted to your needs: project calendar, multi-project calendar, personnel calendar
Generate in one click progress reports, overdue reports or custom reports
Follow your employees' work in real time by consulting their dashboard, their calendar, their time sheet, etc.
Do the financial monitoring of your projects taking into account the cost of the collaborators and follow the evolution of your budget
Anticipate the availability of your employees and your teams according to their occupancy rate per project with the capacity planning
Customize reports with your entity's logo, define your project categories and task labels, get data for your tools with Gouti API
Portfolio monitoring and management
The detailed list of Gouti's features is available on the pricing page. Our PPM and project management software available in SaaS is a complete tool to facilitate project management in your organization.