Project: the ressources and their management

Project: the ressources and their management

To achieve the objectives of a project, resources are needed: financial, material, immaterial and human. They must be distinguished and their management must be organized within the project.

Financial Resources

A project always requires financial resources even if it is only a salary. Therefore, it is fundamental for a project manager to know how to manage his budget.


It can be said that the budget is a key element both in the framing of the project but also in its implementation. A budget estimate makes it possible to know if a project is feasible, what the expenses and gains will be. This same budget will allow to see during the realization of the project if it does not become too greedy and if it is carried out within the anticipated framework.

As a project manager it is important that you determine the budget to allocate to the project so that you do not run out of money before its closure. When the budget disappears, the project also disappears. A project management software like Gouti will allow you to anticipate the initial costs of your projects and measure the variance with what the project actually costs you.


Material and immaterial resources


These assets are also important project resources. They vary according to the needs of the projects and are linked to the budget. They are included in the costs of a project when they are not already available in the company. They can be physical (technical infrastructure, machines, properties) or non-physical such as software or patents.

Some digital resources such as a project management tool also play an important part in projects. Even if they are not part of the final product of the project, they help in the global realization of the project by accompanying the project manager in the framing and follow-up of the project and the management of his collaborators.


Human Resources

Human resources are at the heart of companies and one of the most important point in the successful completion of a project. On the other hand, team management is often the most difficult part of the project. It includes time management, workloads, tasks...etc. When managing human resources in a multi-project work environment, it is essential to monitor and manage the availability of collaborators.

A project manager will, in order to choose his collaborators, have to determine which person is needed for the project and when, according to the project calendar and deadlines. Indeed, he will have to call on different types of experts at different times, and each expert will have to know enough about the project objectives to successfully carry their part.

Another point that explains the difficulty of human resources management is that the performance and complementarity of people depends to a large extent on the atmosphere and the general well-being of the collaborators within the project team. These two factors are very difficult to manage and anticipate. To have a motivated and happy team, you must take into account their skills and strengths, know what they like to work on, who they like to work with and what motivates them.


It is in human resources management that an online project management solution makes sense. It allows to have a global multi-project vision, to assign tasks, actions, and problems to collaborators, to follow the time spent thanks to time sheets, calendars and to make reports quickly thanks to numerous reports. These tools offer a centralized management and a better communication within the project.


In conclusion

A project is organized around three main resources and project management tools such as Gouti are a real asset, as their numerous features provide a framework and visibility of the project's progress. They increase team productivity and simplify all the different phases of the project.

Whether you are a project leader, manager or collaborator, don't hesitate to integrate project management tools into your processes to see the benefits for yourself. If you are still in the decision phase, the tool Gouti offers a free trial of a month and free demos that might help you decide.


Léo Garvey