Meeting with Gouti

Meeting with Gouti

Here is the opinion of a communication manager who discovered and used the project management software Gouti. The story of his initiatory journey.


I’m speaking to you, who came to this article, probably looking for answers regarding this project management tool : “Does it correspond what I’m looking for ?”, “Does it include this specific feature ?”, “What's more than X or Y software ?” or simply "What's Gouti?"...

To clarify some of your questions I will tell you about my personal experience with this tool.

I'm warning you right now, I'm not going to touch on technical topics about Project Management, I'm just going to tell you the story of a meeting I made several months ago.

The encounter

It all started at the beginning of October 2018. I joined the CG Project Management team as Marketing and Communication Responsible and I met Gouti on this occasion.

You must know that I had no basis in Project Management at that time, I didn’t know any other project management software, it was new to me.

I started by discovering the tool. First connection, I find myself facing this beautiful dashboard (the nostalgia takes over me in front of this picture).

Tableau de bord couleur de Gouti

Obviously, my board was empty, I had to create my first project. I followed the indications that Gouti gave me (thanks activated help). Pick up and use rather instinctively while following the instructions. I started by initiating my project through the Project Charter, then I went to the listing of tasks, then the schedule, then the reports ... One step after another I had already assimilated the logic of the tool.

It was now time for me to move up a gear.

From the very beginning

After figuring out how Gouti works, I started to use it in my work. On a common project, I was able to discover the collaborative aspect of the solution. My superior assigned me several tasks, I saw them appear in my dedicated views. 
I could consult them, share my progress, nothing more simple. I also started creating tasks, assign them to me or to my collaborators. In the meantime, several new features appeared, such as the possibility of associating comments with the different activities, combined with a notification system.

At CG Project Management we communicate almost only through this way, and with the possibility of associating links of shared documents, I avoid superfluous email exchanges.

Tâches par responsable

Everything was going through Gouti. I started using the calendar to follow my schedule. I consulted my activities to follow the tasks in progress or to do. I passed the shared document links to my manager via the various activities thanks to what he could easily access to them. Gradually, I adopted the tool in my daily professional life.

My daily life with Gouti

Currently I use Gouti every day in business. It fits perfectly in my way of working.

The first thing I do when I start my PC in the morning is to go on Gouti, consult the list of my tasks, actions, issues. I automatically see what I have to do and, via notification, I see if a collaborator, or my superior, left me a new comment, added a new task or a new linked document.

Centre de notification de Gouti

Gouti is my privileged work tool, I even use it in parallel of the professional field for my end of study project, as part of the diploma that I am preparing. The uses of Gouti are multiple. Its simplicity and pragmatism allow even the less experienced, as I was at the beginning, to take their marks and be accompanied in the process. 

To infinity and beyond ?

Gouti has evolved since I discovered it. Many improvements and modifications that I could contribute have been made (what a beautiful dashboard). 

Tableau de bord Gouti

I have had the opportunity since to try several Project Management software and other collaborative SaaS solutions. They each have their specificities, their personal touch, features that I do not necessarily find on Gouti. But nevertheless, not all useful to my needs. I remain faithful to this little blue man that I find friendly and easy to use. I know the future developments that remain in this spirit of pragmatic and simple tool.

It's my opinion (objectively, is not it) that I wanted to share with you.