Much more than a Project Management Tool

Gouti is a project management tool, a Project Portofolio Management tool (PPM), a collaborative solution, a pragmatic methodology for organizations, a time and availability monitoring tool : an ERP for project management

Project Management Tool
  • Project preparation
  • Planning and control
  • Work dispatching
  • Issue monitoring
  • Actions plan
  • Kanban
  • Progress reports
  • Timesheet
  • Workload tracking
  • Financial management
  • Multi-projects view
  • Teams management
  • Capacity planning
  • Risk management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Workflow
  • Document storage

Gouti Gouti Solution

A project management tool with a quick start

Project Management

Project Management

The primary objective of Gouti is to provide project managers and managers with a pragmatic and efficient solution for managing projects with all the teams. Gouti is a solution based on a methodology proven by several years of experience in project management.



Collaboration and data optimization: The project manager assigns the work, the employee carries it out and informs about its progress, the project manager controls and the manager consults in real time consolidated views of this same information.

Monitoring and management

Monitoring and management

Through a single and feature-rich tool, managers organize project management, provide a clear methodology and processes, use the consolidated project data and control the work of human resources.

Gouti Presentation of Gouti

Gouti offers a complete process for managing projects. Via pragmatic functionalities, you can control your projects, your teams, your costs. Go even further by setting up processes for this knowledge sharing and workflow.

 Project management

Find a complete kit of pragmatic features for project management.

  • Initialize your projects using the project charter in Gouti. This is a document which specifies the 'What' of the project and helping you in defining the objectives of the project, milestones, deliverables and its organization.
  • Easily plan the tasks to be done in a list. A reference system allows to schedule the main and secondary tasks. In addition to the tasks, Gouti offers management of actions and problems of your projects.
  • Visualize your list of tasks through a calendar, a GANTT view and a macro-planning which provides a synthetic and configurable view of the project planning. Every graphic views can be exported as images for your presentations.
  • Define the workloads of the project tasks and follow the gap between the forecast and the actual. Detail the costs by employee if you wish. Control the costs and the evolution throughout the project.
  • Manage the risks of your projects by defining a probability and an impact, Gouti calculates a severity index. A clear process with a risk sheet allows you to manage them in detail and prepare action plans. A risk library can be managed via a knowledge capitalization module.
  • Create project templates that you can share and use when creating a new project. Templates allow you to predefine goals, deliverables, actions, organization and tasks as well as durations, workloads and dependencies.

 Collaboration in projects

Collaborate effectively on your projects with your teams and get organized.

  • Assign project activities to your collaborators who find them in their personal views. Manage your work in a table view or a KANBAN view.
  • A comment system organizes communication and makes it easy to find information related to activities.Send notifications to your collaborators directly in Gouti and save sending many emails.
  • Share the progress of your tasks via KANBAN or more finely via a progress bar on the task sheet. Send a notification to the project manager when you start and finish a task.
  • Enter the time spent on your project tasks in your timesheet. Your tasks are automatically listed on the timesheet. Generic customizable tasks allow you to enter non-project time including holidays.
  • Manage teams by assigning them tasks which are then dispatched by team managers. Create groups of collaborators to quickly assign them to new projects.
  • Do not have any doubts about who sees what : manage the read and update rights of your project teams. The default configuration guarantees the confidentiality of project data. Managers have extensive possibilities access to data.

 Portfolio monitoring and management

Features to facilitate the management of teams and the project portfolio.

  • Use a filterable lists and dashboards of all projects with their main indicators, classified by category, program, client. A multi-project view shows the planning of all your projects with different levels of synthesis, including one focused on milestones.
  • Simplify and standardize project reporting with out-of-the-box reports such as the Flash report or a custom report with your own templates. Gouti pre-fills reports based on project data. In just a few clicks the project manager gets progress report with indicators and a clear situation.
  • Consult the occupancy rate of your collaborators over the coming weeks. View the availability of several people or even teams at the same time and access the details of their work, visualize their leave and their project and extra-project occupations.
  • Track and control the budget and costs of your projects. Define the cost of your collaborators for all projects and easily control the differences between the forecast and the actual.
  • View and consolidate timesheet data by employee, by project, by client, by period. Check the validation of timesheets, send reminders if necessary, manage the validation of overtime using hour thresholds.
  • Share project experience by creating knowledge sheets based on project activities or independent sheets on good practices or internal process. A simple quality process allows you to verify, classify and distribute the sheets to all teams.

Gouti User Profiles

Project Solution projet for all trades

Project Manager Project Manager & PMO

Designed primarily to meet the needs of project managers and PMOs, Gouti offers a complete set of tools dedicated to their work, including planning, reporting and employee tracking. The tool offers everything a project manager is entitled to expect from a project management tool.

Project team members Collaborators

As a collaborative tool, the solution allows simple and efficient interaction between the different actors of a project. They have a dedicated access to the activities assigned to them, a personal calendar and the possibility to leave comments to eliminate superfluous e-mails.

Manager Manager

The application also satisfies managers with views dedicated to the management, the visibility and the access of the different projects. They have different views of the project portfolio and views of their collaborators.

Gouti's clients Our clients

A project tool for all user profiles

Profile of our clients

Like working in project mode, Gouti adapts and applies to many professional fields.

From banking to insurance, from automotive suppliers to R&D laboratories and from green energy suppliers to event organizers, Gouti users come from a wide variety of backgrounds and make very different uses of it.

Gouti is also used by local authorities, departments, regions, and agglomerations because of its simplicity of use and transversality, its pragmatic method, and the sovereignty of the data hosted in France.

From HR to IT through production, the adaptability and flexibility of the functionalities of our web application allow us to use it whatever the projects. Our pragmatic project management method fits best within organizations and supports them on a daily basis.

UGAPGouti is a referenced solution from the publisher CG Project Management with UGAP-SCC.

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Constantly evolving project management software

(Re)live Gouti’s 6th anniversary!

To mark the 6th anniversary of Gouti and the two years of the Users Club, we invited our users to our first seminar. We discussed new features and the Roadmap.

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One of the main difficulties of the project manager is to organize his project monitoring and controlling. How to do it, with which tool, what to communicate, which dashboard, what to monitor. Gouti provides answers to these questions with a clear and pragmatic solution for managing a project. This tool capitalizes project management best practices and will help the junior project manager as the experienced project manager.

The Gouti project management tool offers a wide range of functionalities which makes it a real project management ERP. Gouti allows you a structured, centralized and organized management of all the projects of your company, department, organization.

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