Project Management Tool Gouti Start with confidence

Do a pilot of the Gouti solution

Beyond the functional and price comparison study, one of the decisive elements remains the use of Gouti in a real situation.

Before deploying software throughout an organization, it can be useful to deploy it on a smaller scale with strong support in order to validate the adequacy of the solution with its needs: this is the pilot.

By doing a pilot, it's very fast to realize the advantages of the tool compared to the expectations and to validate more serenely the choices of parameter setting to prepare upstream the deployment on a large scale.

Choosing a solution without testing it can lead to many surprises: a functional framework that does not meet essential expectations, stakeholders that do not adhere to it, difficulty in getting used to it, complex configuration and integration...

We propose to do the Gouti pilot during 3 months.

The pilot's objectives are :

  1. Define the functional scope and users of the pilot
  2. Organize the creation of projects in Gouti
  3. Accompany the teams in the handling of the solution
  4. Define the functional configuration required for the needs
  5. Launch the processes of follow-up and update of the projects in Gouti
  6. Monitor specific support needs and implement associated action plans
  7. Study the desired evolutions or adaptations

Throughout the pilot, CG Project Management assists you with training and weekly follow-up points. The pilot is followed with a project managed in Gouti. An assessment is carried out at the end of the pilot to validate the deployment on a larger scale.


Duration of 3 months

Up to 50 users

Unlimited number of projects

Access to all the features and modules of Gouti

The parameterization and the accompaniment with the integration of the projects and the animation of the portfolio

Weekly support from a CG Project Management project manager during the first month, then bi-monthly for the following 2 months

Training included for up to 10 users

Pilot of the Gouti solution

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