Users Management and Project\'s member on Gouti

Users Management and Project's member on Gouti

Find out how the users and the project team members management works on the project Management Tool Gouti.

On Gouti, we must distinguish two aspects :

  • Members of a project team
  • Gouti user

Members of a Project Team

Team members are defined on the 'Organization' page. At this step you list all the actors of a project. Define the managers of each member of the organization to set up the organizational chart of the project. Projet's actors can be owner and/or assigned resources to an activity (ie a task, an issue, an action). If the "Perform" box is checked, you can assign activities to these people. The important thing to remember is that you can define your team members without having to have a Gouti account.

The next optional step is to associate team members with their Gouti accounts. This will allow the user to see his activities when he connects to Gouti. To do this, simply click on the button "Link Gouti account" and enter the e-mail address of the user. If the user has a Gouti account, he will now see on his dashboard and his views "My tasks", "My issues", "My actions" activities for which he is responsible or an assigned resources.

Gouti allows the project manager to decide on a case-by-case basis how he wants to interact with the team members.

Gouti organization

Gouti User

A Gouti user is a person with a Gouti account. He can be project manager, a team member or a manager. A user can create projects. If he creates a project, he automatically has write permission on all project data in Gouti. He can as project manager decide who has a right to read and/or write about his project. This can be useful for giving visibility to a manager, a client, or appoint a backup project manager who can manage the project in Gouti if the project manager is absent.

To give these rights of reading and/or writing, it is necessary to go on the page of the project. In the "Rights Management" tab, enter the email address of the Gouti account of the user to whom you want to give rights. There are six different levels of rights that are detailed in this tab (see screenshot below or directly in Gouti).

The important thing to remember is that you do not have to give rights to a project member to assign tasks. By default, he exclusively has the right to read about his assigned activites. Rights are only used to give visibility to all project information. The project manager can easily decide who sees what and who can modify what in his project. 

Rights management